Shoulda Been There: Cuckler's Revenge

Columbus Smash
  •   8 玩家 Double Elimination
  •   Project M
  •   2017年 June月 3日 12:00 PM EDT
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WHAT: This is the newest installment of the Bi-Weekly tourmament series in Columbus called Shoulda Been There!

WHERE: Address is 1919 willoway cir. N columbus, OH 43220. If coming from Henderson, go past Reed Road and turn right on Gettysburg Rd, then onto Willoway Circle. If coming from Bethel, you can turn onto Reed Road and turn right onto willoway Circle.

FOOD: There are ALOT of food places in the area. Let us know if you have a preference of food or if you want to eat out afterwards, etc.

COST: The cost stucture is as follows:

Venue: $5

* If you bring a setup, you only pay $3 for venue

** If you pre-register, you pay $2 for venue.

*** NOTE: It is possible to have venue fee waived!

*** NOTE: While Registration is NOT required, it is heavily encouraged to make seeding and sign ups so much easier.

Project M Singles: $5

Project M Doubles: $5 per person

Project M Side Event: $1

SCHEDULE (Please note this is a tentative schedule and it is subject to change per the TO's disgression):

11:00A - Venue Opens

11:30A - Registration starts

12:00P- PM singles starts

3:00P- PM Doubles (if applicable)

10:00P or whenever - We get bored and kick everyone out.

Payouts (This can change based on number of entrants):

1st - 60%

2nd - 30%

3rd - 10% for all smash games

4th - Money back IF applicable

Project M Ruleset

General Rules


-Game Settings: 4 Stocks, 8 Minute Time Limit, Best of 3 Games. Finals are Best of 5.

-Items are disabled.

-Input buffer is disabled

-All chain grabs and infinites are legal

-Pause option is disabled in the game menu. If left on, accidental pausing mid match forfeits a stock.

-You may not choose the last stage you have won on during a set, unless agreed by both players.

-If time runs outs, the tie is determined by most stocks, and then if still tied, by percentage. If percentage is tied, a 1 stock, 3 minute match is played.

-Playing as Giga Bowser or Wario Man is banned

Starter Stages


-Delfino's Secret

-Pokemon Stadium 2


-Green Hill Zone

Counter-Pick Stages

-Final Destination


-Fountain of Dreams

-Wario Land


冠军: SoulPech
有价值对手: Carls493
下次再说: Quincy


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